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John Byrne's Mirror Cracked | Royal Albert Hall to host Star Trek Live in Concert

John Byrne's Mirror Cracked

Following the success of last year's Strange New Worlds photo comic from John Byrne, IDW announced that the concept would become a new ongoing series called New Visions. Beginning today, Star Trek comic fans can look forward to bi-monthly entries starting with Issue 1 titled The Mirror, Cracked. In these comics, legend John Byrne takes screen stills from TOS episodes and using them to craft new stories. They're not just a series of familiar scenes, however. Byrne goes to great lengths to create new moments by combining elements of multiple scenes and sometimes adding new effects and elements using Photoshop. It all adds up to engaging new adventures in the 23rd century.

Check out an eight-page preview at The Trek Collective.


Royal Albert Hall to host Star Trek Live in Concert

The Royal Albert Hall in London will host the UK premiere of Star Trek—Live in Concert May 29 through 31, 2014. Concertgoers will hear Michael Giacchino's inspired score brought to life on stage by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus whilst J.J. Abrams's Star Trek, one of the blockbusters of 2009, is shown in HD on the big screen. The orchestra will be conducted by Ludwig Wicki, and tickets are available through the Royal Albert Hall website. In addition, the follow up event, Star Trek Into Darkness—Live in Concert, will take place in the Hall on May 30 and 31.

Get your tickets on the Royal Albert Hall website.

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