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Westmore to Put the Spots Back on Terry Farrell | Trekked-Out Florida Estate Goes on the Market | Robert Orci confirmed as director of "Star Trek 3"

Robert Orci confirmed as director of "Star Trek 3" 

Following up on our story from yesterday, it has now been confirmed by multiple media outlets that Paramount has indeed selected Roberto Orci to direct the next Star Trek film, slated to drop in 2016. Reaction from fans has been mixed—and slanted to the negative—so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and as we move closer toward actual production. 


Trekked-Out Florida Estate Goes on the Market

Marc H. Bell, financier and two-time Tony Award-winning producer, has put his Boca Raton, Florida, estate on the market for $35 million. What's so special about the joint? It's seriously punked out Star Trek style. The most expensive single-family home currently listed in South Palm Beach County has a Star Trek-themed theatre room that resembles the Enterprise-D bridge, a Borg alcove (Bell does have to regenerate, after all!), and many more leisure spaces that show not only a love for Star Trek but also sports and first-person shooters. It's not all fun and games though. There's also a library, eight bedrooms, and 16 bathrooms. How can you fit all of this into one house? It's easy when you have 27,000 square feet to work with. If you're interested in purchasing it, check out The Palm Beach Post.


Westmore to Put the Spots Back on Terry Farrell 

Cosplaying is nothing new to Star Trek Las Vegas—or to Terry Farrell herself. She can be seen donning TOS threads in the then-World Record costume photo from last year's Star Trek Las Vegas. This time around, she's going a step farther with the help of famed Star Trek makeup artist Michael Westmore. For the first time since leaving Deep Space Nine at the end of the show's sixth season, Farrell will once again have the Trill make up applied. So be sure you attend STLV and see if you can spot her.

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