Hyperchannel 34: Bring Out the Badmiral In You / by Trek fm

ANOVOS wants to make you a Badmiral | Star Trek MMO coming to fluidic space near you

Running Time: 14 minutes 31 seconds

ANOVOS wants to make you a Badmiral

One of the perks of reaching flag rank is the uniform. Anyone who has seen more than a handful of Star Trek episodes has noticed that admirals get to pimp their threads. And it seems that there is something in the shoulder pads, the gold lining, or the belt buckle that turns an otherwise understanding new admiral into a "badmiral." If you want to command the room at your next convention, ANOVOS can help you do it in style with their new painstakingly reproduced Starfleet admiral's tunic.

See the tunics and get more details.


Star Trek MMO coming to fluidic space near you

If you've been itching to take the fight back to Species 8472, NGames will soon give you the chance in a new MMO the company is developing. The story centers around "fluidic space," that mysterious realm first revealed in the Voyager episode "Scorpion" that is home to the mysterious tri-legged Species 8472. With a heavy emphasis on combat, the free-to-play game on Game321.com will give players the ability to create ships and fleets to use in battle as they make their way through this unusual part of the universe.

Find out more about the game.

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