Hyperchannel 33: The Other Side of the Mirror / by Trek fm

Star Trek Continues takes you back to the Mirror Universe | Abandoned Abramsverse horses and fish come out to play

Running Time: 16 minutes 22 seconds

Star Trek Continues premieres "Fairest of Them All"

The long awaited third episode of Star Trek Continues has finally been unveiled on June 15 at Supanova in Syndey. Returing to the Mirror Universe, "Fairest of Them All," follows up immediately after the Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror" and tells the story of what happened aboard the ISS Enterprise when the mirror landing party returned to the ship. The cast of STC gathered in Australia for the premiere, and the episode is now also available for viewing worldwide on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Abandoned Abramsverse horses and fish come out to play

We only spent a short time on Nibiru at the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness. And while the scenes were memorable, there was much more in the works that got nixed for time and budget. Alfonso De La Torre, a conceptual illustrator who worked on the film, has released images that he created for Into Darkness showing several creatures native to Nibiru, including a horse, insect, and some fish. 

View the images and find out more at ComicBookMovie.com.

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