Shadows of Tyranny

Continuing Mission 22: I’ll Do It If You Add More Tyranny by Trek fm

Shadows of Tyranny.

The Mirror Universe, despite being visited only eight times on screen—with most of those on Deep Space Nine—is a fan favorite. The classic episode "Mirror, Mirror" has been hard to top in terms of sheer fun and intrigue, but TOS never told us what happened once Mirror Kirk returned to the ISS Enterprise. That story has been left for novelists and screenwriters to pick up on the fan side, and many have done so with fascinating takes on the Terran Empire. But while the story has been told before, there are always new ideas to be explored.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Mathieu Blondin and Sebastian Prooth to learn more about their upcoming audio drama, Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny, which picks up where "Mirror, Mirror" left off as it tells the story of how Spock goes on to lead the Empire.

Running Time: 58 minutes 27 seconds


Christopher Jones



Mathieu Blondin and Sebastian Prooth



Mathieu Blondin



Christopher Jones



The Genesis of Shadows of Shadows of Tyranny (4:09)
What Makes a Story a Star Trek Story? (9:36)
The Premise of Shadows of Tyranny (17:16)
An Open Canvas (31:37)
Casting Shadows of Tyranny (35:41)
Release Plans and Finding Out More (41:15)
Closing (47:40)


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