Continuing Mission 8: H. P. Lovecraft In Space / by Trek fm

The Continuing Mission: Cathedral In the Void.

When it comes to fan series, most people think of television. But not everyone takes this approach to storytelling. Audio dramas are another popular way that fans continue the missions of Starfleet. And without visuals to fall back on, bringing Star Trek to life through sound alone can be challenging.

One group that is doing it well is Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, a series that follows the adventures of the USS Montana. After a three-year hiatus, Star Trek: The Continuing Mission released their eighth episode, "Cathedral in the Void," an HP Lovecraft-inspired story that finds unspeakable creations in the farthest reaches of the final frontier.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by three members of the TCM team, Director Patrick McCray, Producer Sebastian Prooth, and Sound Designer Mathieu Blondin to learn more about the genesis of the series and the episode, how they create an audio drama from start to finish, and where The Continuing Mission is headed in the future. 

Running Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 19 seconds


Christopher Jones



Patrick McCray, Sebastian Prooth, and Mathieu Blondin



Meet the CTM Crew (4:16)
The Genesis of The Continuing Mission (13:33)
The Creative Process (25:30)
Inspiration for Cathedral (34:28)
The Future of Continuing Mission (38:56)
Find Out More (45:50)
Closing (53:03)


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