Continuing Mission 15: A Twist of Timelines and Futures / by Trek fm

Star Trek Futures.

Independent projects present a great opportunity to fill in the many blanks that were left by the six officially produced television series. Sometimes these blanks involve lost eras of Federation history, and sometimes they are more focused on specific characters. A new project by Dan Thale called Star Trek Futures is the latter, focusing on Beverly and Wesley Crusher. But it's more than just the backstory to TNG. Star Trek Futures brings with it an interesting twist. In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Dan to learn more about the project, what led him to this particular story, and what he hopes to accomplish by looking back at the Crusher's lives before the Enterprise-D.

Running Time: 1 hour 9 minutes 47 seconds


Christopher Jones



Dan Thale



Dan's Star Trek Memories (1:39)
The Genesis of Star Trek Futures (5:21)
The Star Trek Futures Story (11:28)
A Twist of Timelines (14:45)
Bridging Uniform Designs (24:22)
Bring Back the Enterprise-C (36:55)
Cast and Crew (42:17)
Stylistic Choices (45:07)
Star Trek Futures Concept Art (50:59)
Funding Futures (54:33)
Find Out More (58:41)
Closing (1:00:23)


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