Continuing Mission 1: Put the Ape Brain Away! / by Trek fm

Doug Drexler: Designing Star Trek Continues.

New Star Trek may no longer grace our televisions each week, but fans who are creative professionals such as actors, writers, and effects designers—many of whom worked on the shows themselves—are now producing original content out of their sheer love for Star Trek. And it's amazing. One such fan is Doug Drexler, the Academy Award-winning designer whose hand can be seen across the franchise on TV, film, and beyond.

In this, the inaugural episode of our new show dedicated to exploring the ways in which fans are keeping Star Trek alive, we're joined by Doug to discuss his work on Star Trek Continues and his previous work on Star Trek: Phase II. We also find out how he became a Star Trek fan in the first place, how he landed his first gig in Hollywood, and how he got hired onto TNG. Plus, moving beyond the screen, we learn about the design process of the new Starfleet-built Deep Space 9 that first appears in David R. George III's Revelation and Dust.

Running Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 24 seconds


Christopher Jones



Doug Drexler



Early Fandom
Getting Hired on TNG
Star Trek Through the Years
Working on Star Trek Continues
Designing the New DS9
The Future of Independent Productions


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