Commentary: Trek Stars 77: Who Let Adam Simon on the Lot? / by Trek fm

Braga, Part 4: Salem.

Brannon Braga is one of only five individuals in history who can claim to have created a Star Trek series. In the past, we have discussed that creation, Enterprise, as well as his other television series, Flashforward. Last Sunday saw the debut of Braga's third series, Salem, which he co-created with Adam Simon.

In this episode of Commentary: Trek Stars, Mike and Max return to their Brannon Braga series to discuss his work on Salem. We look at the political message of the film, the similar style of Game of Thrones, and how it compares to the other show that Braga runs, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. We also look back fondly on Adam Simon's portrayal of himself in The Player.

Running Time: 30 minutes


Mike Schindler and Max Hegel



The Style
Salem vs. Cosmos


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