Commentary: Trek Stars 11: The Larry Nemecek of "Love Story" / by Trek fm

Meyer Part 2: Target Practice.

1974 was a rather tumultuous year for the United States. Vietnam had just ended and Watergate had just begun. These events greatly affected young Americans such as 29-year-old Nicholas Meyer, who was beginning his career as a novelist.

This week, Mike and Max take a look at Meyer’s first novel, Target Practice. We discuss its use of time-tested detective fiction conventions, how it utilizes those conventions to tell a modern-day story, how it fits into Meyer’s overall career, whether or not it’s too straightforward, how it uses Watergate as a backdrop, how it looks at Vietnam from a civilian perspective, and whether or not it simplifies the issue of warfare’s psychological impact on veterans. We also analyze Meyer’s love for The Bridge on the River Kwai, and wonder if The Love Story Story is of Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion quality.