Commentary: Trek Stars 10: Fresh Eyes / by Trek fm

Meyer Part 1: Star Trek.

In an attempt to bring cohesion to the disparate concepts which would eventually make up the most revered film in franchise history, Harve Bennett hired relative newcomer Nicholas Meyer to re-write and direct Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. And so, the world of Trek would never be the same again. But before he saved our favorite franchise, Meyer had written a number of very successful books.

This week, Max and Mike begin a new series which will look at Nicholas Meyer’s career as a novelist. Over the next couple months, we will cover all six of his novels, including Target Practice, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The West End Horror, Black Orchid, Confessions of a Homing Pigeon, and The Canary Trainer.

But first, a look at his contribution to the world of Trek. In this episode, we discuss why getting an outsider to make The Wrath of Khan was a key to its success, how Meyer’s decision not to return for The Search for Spock, was the right one to make, the similarities between The Voyage Home and Meyer’s directorial debut, Time After Time, and how The Undiscovered Country is allegory done right.