Warp Five 51: They’re a Lot Like Water Vulcans / by Trek fm


Of the six original Xindi species, the Aquatics may be the most unique. Not only do they lack the humanoid form of the others, but their life under water means they have a very different world view from their fellow Xindus natives. They are said to be the first Xindi to have developed intelligence, yet they are the most challenging for us to communicate with and understand.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Tommy Kraft for a close look at the Xindi-Aquatics, their background and physiology, their advanced technology, and the sloth-like pace of their deliberations. We discuss what it means to be a cetacean intelligence, how they might develop advanced technology and build starships without the use of Star Trek's standard humanoid limbs, and whether their patience was the deciding factor in the success of the Enterprise's mission.

Running Time: 45 minutes 27 seconds


Christopher Jones



Tommy Kraft



Xindi-Aquatic Physiology (3:32)
Patience to a Fault? (19:27)
Xindi-Aquatic Technology (25:41)
Final Thoughts (30:55)
Closing (35:43)



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