Warp Five 33: Phloxenstein / by Trek fm

Undeveloped Stories.

When it comes to the stories we didn't get on Enterprise, the discussion usually focuses on the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. But just like its sister shows, Enterprise also had a number of story ideas that were considered—some more more seriously than others—but for one reason or another were left on the drawing board. Unlike "Season Five" stories, these are episodes that could have found a home somewhere between "Broken Bow" and "These Are the Voyages…" In this episode of Warp Five, Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson take you through eight of these undeveloped stories, ranging from Phlox as Dr. Frankenstein to Porthos the linguist.

Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes 44 seconds


Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson



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Phlox Is Frankenstein
Pulp Fiction
Tan Ru's Backstory
Tiberius Two-Parter
Colonel Green
Martian Independence
Porthos the Linguist
Final Thoughts


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