Warp Five 147: Chekhov's Peach / by Brandon-Shea Mutala

"Extinction" Commentary.


Running Time: 1 hour 7 minutes 42 seconds
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Season three of Star Trek: Enterprise has some of the best episodes in the show's entire run. However, early in the season, while trying to follow up on leads as to the location of the Xindi home world, our intrepid crew arrives at an empty planet with a burned corpse near a broken shuttle. Though the episode was directed by Star Trek veteran LeVar Burton, sometimes even the most talented directors don't have the best material to work with.

In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Patrick Devlin, Brandi Jackola, and Brandon-Shea Mutala bring you a watch-along commentary for the third season episode, "Extinction." We discuss how Vulcans seem to be immune to everything, sassy teenage girls, eggs full of worms, and we even find some positive things to say. We also accidentally invent a new hand sign for all the Vulcan bros out there.


Intro (00:00:00)
Welcome, Boomers! (00:01:28)
Feedback (00:02:48)
Commentary Start (00:11:52)
Final Thoughts (00:54:37)
Closing (00:58:55)


Patrick Devlin, Brandi Jackola, and Brandon-Shea Mutala


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