To The Journey 93: Channeling the Mulgrew / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Ultimate Season Seven Marathon.

When Voyager entered its seventh season, it was accepted that it would be the show's last. With both TNG and DS9 setting the precedent for a seven-season run, Voyager naturally followed suit. The season was fraught, however, with ups and downs—in part due to the many years and hundreds of episodes of Star Trek that had aired by this time. Then there was also the spectre of Enterprise already on the horizon. In the end, season seven as a whole felt weaker in comparison to some of its predecessors and didn't bestow the swan song that most fans were looking for.

In this last installment of To The Journey's ultimate season marathon series, Char and Tristan reveal their picks for a Voyager Season Seven marathon. As TNG said, "All good things must come to an end."

Running Time: 49 minutes 10 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell


Editor and Producer

Tristan Riddell


Associate Producer

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Half-Bad (2:13)
Discrimination (9:31)
Things Change (14:27)
Trilogy (26:14)
Feel the Weight (30:03)
The Listeners are Wrong (38:50)


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