To The Journey 43: Borg Babies / by Trek fm

Collective Commentary.

Adolescent drones is what every starship needs running around, right? In this episode of To The Journey we take on the not-oft remembered episode which introduces us to the Borg kids—"Collective." It starts with the boys playing poker and ends with Seven in new clothes! Needless to say, our discussion takes us to places you'd expect, and a few you wouldn't. We find out that Char thinks the First Contact uniforms look sleek, Lorrie doesn't remember the Borg cubes, and that Tristan is thankful for Icheb. What did you think of those Borg babies?


Running Time: 50 minutes 32 seconds


Tristan Riddell, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Lorrie Sears



Press Play
Why Just One Cube?
Missing Infant


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