To The Journey 33: Skin Quilt / by Trek fm

The Vidiians.

From the moment we saw them in “The Phage” to the mention of their cure in “Think Tank,” the Vidiians were an enemy to our intrepid crew. In this episode of To The Journey we tackle one of Voyager’s most horrifying villains, including what made them such a terrifying threat, our impressions of them as a race, and our respect for their survival techniques. Char makes us never look at Klingon B’Elanna the same way again, Tristan once again impresses us with his impressions—this time as Roxann Dawson with plastic teeth—and Lorrie might never use a quilt again without looking closely at the pattern.


Running Time: 27 minutes 54 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt, Lorrie Sears, and Tristan Riddell


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