To The Journey 26: Lego Borg Queen / by Trek fm

Those Bad Guys.

They’re the characters we can’t live with, and can’t live without. In this episode of To The Journey Tristan, Charlynn, and Lorrie have a three-round discussion of the characters we love to hate. Our list takes us from “Caretaker” all the way to “Endgame” with plenty of stops in between. We learn that Lorrie finds “Unforgettable“‘s Kellin quite forgettable, Char wishes Seska would’ve chosen better frenemies, and Tristan finds Red, I mean Annorax, a compelling creep. Who did you love to hate?


Running Time: 31 minutes 42 seconds


Charlynn SchmiedtLorrie Sears, and Tristan Riddell



Trust the Suit
She’s No Dukat
Temporal Foot Up You A$$
Screw You Kathy!
Just the Hair
Kinda Nog-ish
Bonus Round


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