To The Journey 246: Ensign Glo Worm / by Trek fm

Doomed Voyager Relationships - Part 1.


Running Time: 48 minutes 0 seconds
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The relationship between B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris is perhaps the only successful long-term relationship in all of Star Trek: Voyager. Far more numerous are the many failed relationship attempts, sometimes between members of the Voyager crew themselves, but more often between a member of the Voyager crew and a member of an alien species or (surprisingly often) a hologram.

In this episode of To The Journey, hosts Suzanne Williamson and Zachary Fruhling have part one of their two-part discussion on doomed relationships in Star Trek: Voyager. From Harry Kim's notorious string of bad luck (sometimes while forgetting to file the proper paperwork!) to The Doctor's doomed relationship prospects, both organic and holographic, find out whether Suzanne and Zachary retain their shipper optimism in their exploration of doomed Voyager relationships.


Intro (00:00:00)
Ensign Lonelyhearts (00:02:19)
Kal-Toh 2000 (00:09:27)
Alternate Universe Genealogy (00:13:06)
It Sounds Like a Neil Diamond Song (00:18:12)
Pretty Boy, Baby Face (00:21:05)
Nanu Nanu (00:24:45)
Freya Reset Button (00:30:42)
No Air Quotes Needed (00:36:53)
Closing (00:41:03)


Suzanne Williamson and Zachary Fruhling


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