To The Journey 24: Harry Valjean / by Trek fm

Strong Character Episodes.

Voyager often gets pooh-poohed for poor character development. This week we prove that completely wrong. In this episode of To The Journey, Tristan, Charlynn, and Lorrie discuss episodes that showcase the development of various characters on Voyager. Each choice reflects a facet of the characters, from “Faces” to “One.” We learn that Char loves sad clown Neelix, Lorrie extols Harry’s Jean Valjean martyr side, and Tristan, well he just gives Tuvok some love. 


Running Time: 28 minutes 42 seconds


Charlynn SchmiedtLorrie Sears, and Tristan Riddell


Character Development
Two Halves
Good Guy Harry
Darkling Duck
Oh My
Incineration Story
Immortal Coil
Bad Guy Harry
Honorable Mention


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