To The Journey 2: Taking the Maquis Out Of the Man / by Trek fm

The Maquis.

When the Caretaker’s array forced together Starfleet and Maquis crews, the potential for conflict was established in a way not really tested before in Star Trek. And while the first few episodes explored the tense relationship aboard the close quarters of a small Intrepid Class ship, the dramatic promise was quickly lost on the writers. In this week’s episode of To The Journey, hosts Charlynn Schmiedt, Tristan Riddell, and Lorrie Sears explore the Maquis, including the build-up and the declawing, the need for continuity when exploring this concept, and how the relationship between Chakotay and Janeway influenced the course of Maquis-Starfleet relations. Plus we find out what Tristan would do if he had a monkey. 


Running Time: 34 minutes 6 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt, Lorrie Sears, and Tristan Riddell

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