To The Journey 19: Female Bad Person / by Trek fm

The Voyager Movie.

The Original Series had its movies, and TNG was followed by some great features of its own. Loyal fans of Voyager demand equal treatment! We don’t require much—maybe a movie that deals with snippets from each of the post-Voyager novels and rewrites “Endgame”? Perhaps a sci-fi thriller pitting the Voyager crew against an unstoppable villan? Or simply a trip back to the Mirror Universe of “Living Witness” bringing the evil Voyager head-to-head with Prime Uni Voyager? In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn, Lorrie, and Tristan share their ideas for the perfect Voyager movie. What are yours?

NOTE: This episode contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the Voyager relaunch novel series. 


Running Time: 33 minutes 28 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt, Lorrie Sears, and Tristan Riddell

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