To The Journey 171: The One Where B'Elanna Goes to Hell / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Episodes that Exceeded Their Potential.

Running Time: 37 minutes 3 seconds
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Have you ever cringed at those one-sentence episode summaries on Memory Alpha or Netflix? You are not alone. Sometimes they break down the plot so simplistically that the summary makes the episode sound boring, cliche, or downright bad. Sometimes they barely describe the plot at all. The lesson to be learned here is that one should not judge an episode based on these descriptions.

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan take that lesson to heart and list their top five episodes that exceed their potential. On paper, the plots of these episodes might not sound enticing, but they shined on screen. Some that made the list are fan favorites. Others are highly overlooked. All of them excelled as episodes of Voyager.


Tristan Riddell and Charlynn Schmiedt


Tristan Riddell


Charlynn Schmiedt

Executive Producers

Charlynn Schmiedt, Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, and C. Bryan Jones

Associate Producers

Kenneth Trip, Jamie Duce, Bruce Lish, Dante Hopkins, and Brian Beliso

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen