To The Journey 166: Dance like Tuvok is Watching / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Season Seven Essential Voyager.

Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes 5 seconds
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It's been a long road getting from there to-

Wait, wrong show.

These *were* the-


Let's skip the frills and just say it: This is the last edition of Essential Voyager. Sob!

Char and Tristan have had a blast evaluating Voyager episode by episode, season by season. Now it all comes full circle in this last installment, where they slash Voyager's final season down to the essentials in this episode of To The Journey.  With this multi-part series now concluded, Char and Tristan will need a new angle for reviewing each season. You know they'll find a way just as Voyager found her way home, but will they break the Temporal Prime Directive to do it?


Tristan Riddell and Charlynn Schmiedt


Tristan Riddell


Charlynn Schmiedt

Executive Producers

Charlynn Schmiedt, Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, and C. Bryan Jones

Associate Producers

Kenneth Trip, Jamie Duce, Aaron Harvey, Bruce Lish, and Dante Hopkins

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen