To The Journey 145: Mr. Vulcan / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Top Five Tuvok and Neelix Moments.

Like Quark and Odo on Deep Space Nine, Neelix and Tuvok are the resident odd couple on Voyager. By their very nature, they are a juxtaposition. Tuvok is disciplined and orderly, whereas Neelix will improvise and work his way through things as he goes. Tuvok is a master at controlling his emotions, while Neelix expresses his emotions with exuberance. When it comes to soup, Tuvok prefers his plomeek bland but Neelix must have some spice. Despite these vast differences, at the heart of their friendship is trust and respect. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan break down their top five moments between Tuvok and Neelix.

Running Time: 34 minutes 11 seconds


Tristan Riddell and Charlynn Schmiedt


Tristan Riddell


Charlynn Schmiedt

Executive Producers

Charlynn Schmiedt, Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, and C. Bryan Jones

Associate Producers

Kenneth Trip, Jamie Duce, Aaron Harvey, and Bruce Lish

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen

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