The Ready Room 85: Brofighting In the 602 / by Trek fm

First Flight.


Archer’s involvement in Starfleet’s NX project was key to his ultimate assignment as captain of the Enterprise—and to seeing his father’s work through to completion. Beyond the test flights themselves, the journey through the ups and downs of the project shaped the leader Archer became. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing and Colin Higgins to discuss “First Flight” and how the competition with fellow Commander A.G. Robinson changed the way Archer approached life. We also talk about how the NX program influenced Archer’s view of Vulcans, how he met Trip, and how the origin of the Starfleet School of Fashion’s Admiral Uniform Modification Program can be traced back to this episode.

In news we look at the new trailers for “The Best of Both Worlds” and Enterprise Season One Blu-rays, the Shatoetry Valentine’s update, new KRE-O toys from Hasbro, and how Pine and Cumberbatch are trying to seduce you from Entertainment Weekly’s new Star Trek Into Darkness covers. Plus, we reveal the surprising identity of the character Cumberbatch is actually playing in the new film.

Running Time 2 hours 3 minutes


Christopher Jones and Greg Harbin



Matthew Rushing and Colin Higgins


Show Notes

Trailer for “The Best of Both Worlds” Blu-ray Release 

Trailer for Enterprise Season One Blu-ray Release

Shatoetry Valentine’s Day Update

New Star Trek Into Darkness KRE-O Toys from Hasbro 

Entertainment Weekly’s Star Trek Into Darkness Covers

New Star Trek Into Darkness Images


Feature: First Flight

The Lost Pilot Episode?
Let Me Tell You a Story…
The A-Plot: Dark Matter Is Purple!
Brofighting In the 602
Getting to Know Trip
Getting Closer to T’Pol
The NX Project
Final Thoughts


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