The Ready Room 62: Rationalizing the Hell Out of This / by Trek fm

Blink of an Eye.

For someone whose sworn mission was to get her crew home, Kathryn Janeway sure made a lot of unnecessary pitstops. One in particular landed the crew in the ultimate Prime Directive quandary—the kind they don’t even teach you about at the Academy. What do you do when your ship inadvertently becomes the corner of a civilization’s entire belief system and the impetus for their social and technological advancement? Well, of course, you write a book report about it! But after that, how do you set things back on the right track? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Voyager editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the episode “Blink of an Eye.”

In news we cover a chance to win a trip to Star Trek London, a special offer on Koenig Star Celebration tickets, the Wrath of Khan screening with Nicholas Meyer in North Carolina, TrekMate’s 24-hour Podathon for charity, 10 things you may not have known about DS9, and we remember Neil Armstrong and William Windom. Plus Chris and Greg return to their Southern roots. 

Running Time 2 hours 7 minutes