The Ready Room 59: Self-Imposed Zombiness / by Trek fm

The Return of the Archons.

Running Time: 2 hour 6 minutes
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We’re up for the Red Hour as we take on the classic TOS episode “The Return of the Archons.” In addition to the original story, the Star Trek universe has put a new twist on Landru and the mysteries of Beta III through IDW’s Star Trek Ongoing comic series. As part of the development of the Abramsverse, this series—overseen by Robert Orci and Bad Robot—has been re-imagining classic episodes; and the most recent two-part release sheds new light on Landru. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by David Taylor and Drew Stewart to discuss both the original TV episode and the IDW comic version.

In news we cover Patrick Stewart and the Olympic torch, the Star Trek Las Vegas event schedule, Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium, and Greg recounts his night at the TNG theatrical event. Plus, we get into the spirit of summer competition with an event known to few humans—the Edo Olympics.