The Ready Room 185: Space Mystery Inc. / by Trek fm

Devil’s Due.

We’ve all heard the expression “selling your soul to the Devil.” The people of Ventax II took this perhaps a bit too literally when nature started getting restless and a con-artist with a claim to the planet showed up. Who can save the day? Well, Kirk, of course. We mean Picard. This is a TNG episode, after all. Only it isn’t.

In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Daniel Proulx, Jarrah Hodge, and Zachary Fruhling to discuss all things Ardra, how the script for “Devil’s Due” was repurposed for TNG from the aborted Phase II series, how societies fall into apocalyptic thinking, whether Picard’s role would have worked better with Kirk, and much more.

In our news segment, we discuss the first major update to the Star Trek Encyclopedia in 16 years, leaked photos from the next film, and who we think the Star Trek Beyond villain might be.

Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes 31 seconds


C Bryan Jones and Daniel Proulx


Jarrah Hodge and Zachary Fruhling

Editor and Producer

C Bryan Jones

Executive Producers

Matthew Rushing and Norman C. Lao

Associate Producers

Renee Roberts and Zachary Fruhling

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen


Star Trek Encyclopedia Due for Major Update (00:04:30)
Star Trek Beyond Leaked Images and Villain (00:11:41)

Feature: Devil’s Due

Synopsis and Initial Thoughts (00:26:09)
The TOS of it All: Adapting the Phase II Script (00:37:46)
Picard/Data or Kirk/Spock (00:47:34)
Apocalyptic Thinking (00:51:42)
Ardra’s Motivations (01:06:53)
The Holodeck Setup (01:18:12)
Final Thoughts (01:22:02)

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