The Ready Room 18: They Spray-painted the Llamas / by Trek fm


In 1998 Paramount followed up the great success of First Contact with a film called Insurrection. This third outing of the TNG cast on the big screen received mixed reviews from critics and a lukewarm reception from fans. It’s a movie that’s not as great as fans had hoped and not as bad as many make it out to be. In this episode of The Ready Room we discuss Insurrection and look at where it succeeds and where it falls short. In news we cover Leonard Nimoy’s final convention appearance, Creation’s 2012 convention plans, the experience of watching Star Trek in IMAX, the new Star Trek: Expeditions expansion set, games, Star Trek: Phase II “Mind-Sifter,” and the surge in popularity for TNG.

Running Time 1 hour 46 minutes