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They say music brings us all together, and that was certainly the case when Captain Picard met Lt. Commander Nella Darren. “Lessons” is perhaps the best glimpse we got into Picard’s emotional side—at least where relationships are concerned—during The Next Generation’s seven-year TV run. It was an attempt by the writers to tackle the subject of workplace romance, as well as the challenges and isolation faced by a captain. But did the resolution really connect with the message?

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing and Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss Picard’s extended robe time, how one stellar cartography officer took over the entire ship—and the captain’s heart—and why Geordi’s hearing knocking in engineering. We also connect Picard’s openness here with what we see in the character during TNG’s film run, and we revel in the music and how melodies can take us back to specific places in time.

In our news segment we discuss the possibility of a new Star Trek attraction at Universal Orlando, and which character from each series would be the most fun to hand out with on the weekend.

Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes 40 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing


Charlynn Schmiedt

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Associate Producer

Renee Roberts

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen


Is Star Trek Returning to Universal Orlando? (00:04:18)
The Most Fun Character to Hand Out With Is… (00:14:43)

Feature: Lessons

Intro and Synopsis (00:25:32)
The Captain’s Off Hours (A.K.A. Robe Time) (00:32:22)
Writing Future Relationships (00:36:21)
The Dating Captain (00:46:48)
Picard’s Continuity (00:59:28)
Falling In Love for the First Time (01:09:04)
Musical Connections in Space and Time (01:17:02)
Final Thoughts (01:19:26)
Closing (01:27:12)

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