The Ready Room 130: Pride Before a Fall / by Trek fm



Things began to look desperate for Archer and the NX-01 crew near the end of their mission in the Expanse. “Damage” begins with the Enterprise in the middle of battle, nearly destroyed, and Archer still missing. With the fate of Earth (and the future Federation) hanging in the balance, the likelihood that the crew will succeed is dropping rapidly. At the same time, the pressures of the mission are taking their toll on the crew. Phlox has become a battlefield doctor, T'Pol has succumbed to drug addiction, and Archer must make a move than goes against all his beliefs.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Matthew Rushing and Colin Higgins to discuss "Damage," the ethically dilemma facing Archer, T'Pol's increasing struggle with emotions, the role of the Sphere Builders, and how the cracks forming in the Xindi Council change the nature of the Enterprise's mission.  

In our news segment we look in on Destination Star Trek Germany, the premiere of Gates McFadden's new stage play The Ugly One, lost audio commentaries for "Judgment," "North Star," and Star Trek: The Motion Picture recovered by TrekCore, a new release date for the Enterprise Season Four Blu-rays, and in Questions from the Fleet we delve into the lore of 47.

Running Time: 1 hour 54 minutes 8 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing



Colin Higgins



Destination Star Trek Germany kicks off this weekend
Gates McFadden’s new play, The Ugly One, set to open
TrekCore uncovers lost audio commentaries
Enterprise Season Four Blu-rays pushed out to April 29


Feature: Damage

Cracks In the Council
The Sphere Builders
Vulcan Drug Addiction
Extreme Measures
Final Thoughts


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