The Ready Room 127: Wesley Crusher’s Magic Vortex / by Trek fm

Remember Me.


Beverly Crusher was an underused character on The Next Generation. So much so that the few episodes in which she did play a leading role go largely forgotten—or are remembered for some other aspect or character’s part. Such is the case with the fourth-season episode “Remember Me,” a story that mixes science, philosophy, and perhaps a little romance, then swirls it around in a magic vortex created by Wesley Crusher. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Phillip Gilfus, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Tyler Johnson to discuss “Remember Me,” how it serves as part two of The Traveler Trilogy, how it feels more like a stage play than a television show, and how the behavior of the crew in Beverly’s alternate reality reflect her views of those around her—especially Picard.

In news we discuss Star Trek Into Darkness’s Oscar nomination for visual effects, the addition of the Next Generation cast to Star Trek Las Vegas 2014, a secretly filmed fan-made documentary from 1988, the next feature-length TNG Blu-ray release (hint: there are FOUR lights!), and at last the full details on the Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray extras. Plus, we remember Filmation founder and Star Trek: The Animated Series director Hal Sutherland.

Running Time: 2 hours 5 minutes 17 seconds


Christopher Jones and Phillip Gilfus



Charlynn Schmiedt and Tyler Johnson



Remembering Filmation Founder Hal Sutherland
Star Trek Into Darkness nominated for an Oscar for Visual Effects
TNG Cast added to 2014 Star Trek Las Vegas
Two Fans broke into Paramount to film their own TNG documentary… in 1988
Season 6 TNG Feature Blu-ray is “Chain of Command”?
Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray details


Feature: Remember Me

A Forgotten Episode?
Beverly Does It All
Like a Stage Play
Deus Ex Traveler
Reality Is What We Make It
A Love Story?
Final Thoughts


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