Postcards from The Edge 3: Adventurous New Show / by Trek fm

Voyager Fan Response.


Running Time: 35 minutes 27 seconds
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Twenty-three years ago, on September 1, 1994, Paramount Network Television announced a new Star Trek series that would debut on the United Paramount Network with a six-page-long press release that outlined the casting and provided a synopsis of the plot for Voyager.

In this episode of Postcards from The Edge, host Amy Nelson is joined by Justin Oser of Earl Grey to discuss the reaction to the news that Star Trek would continue with a third spinoff. We discuss the characters, a female captain, the Delta Quadrant, the Maquis, and share a range of comments from disappointment to adoration as listeners take themselves back to 1994 and remember their own reactions to the creation of Voyager.


Intro (00:01:05)
The Voyager Press Release (00:01:37)
Initial Thoughts (00:03:03)
Fan Response (00:05:53)
The Low Point of Trekdom (00:07:51)
Maquis Crew (00:10:00)
Captain Janeway (00:14:16)
Opening Credits (00:17:49)
Rankings (00:23:22)
Final Thoughts (00:26:02)
Closing (00:29:39)

Read the Voyager Press Release.


Amy Nelson


Justin Oser


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