The Edge 57: None of You Are Speaking Klingon / by Trek fm



Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes 22 seconds
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Following the freshman season of Star Trek: Discovery and the offseason news that followed, it's difficult to know what to expect from the show’s sophomore outing. But if the first episode is any indication, fans are in for a treat. “Brother” fantastically opens the new season with a feeling of hope and exploration, and brings in a beloved-but-mysterious character from The Original Series: Captain Christopher Pike. With the war against the Klingons behind them, our heroes can set out on a true adventure of exploration.

In this episode of The Edge, hosts Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss the season-two opener of Star Trek: Discovery, including the arrival of Captain Pike, a strengthened focus on the bridge crew, the emotional scenes between Burnham and Sarek as well as Tilly and Stamets, and the amazing cinematography.


Intro (00:00:00)
Initial Thoughts (00:01:51)
Tilly (00:06:11)
Pike is a Smart Aleck (00:10:19)
Who Engineered This? (00:11:45)
Pike (00:16:14)
Young Spock (00:22:28)
Tilly and Stamets (00:29:08)
The Ship is a Character (00:34:50)
The Ladies (00:38:04)
Saru’s Threat Ganglia (00:41:48)
Finding the Ship (00:44:02)
Going to the Enterprise (00:47:12)
Final Thoughts (00:51:05)
Closing (00:54:22)


Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin


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