The 602 Club S39: Farewell to Rebels / by Matthew Rushing

Dragon Con Panel.


Running Time: Running Time: 47 minutes 19 seconds
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Star Wars Rebels began in October of 2014 and introduced us to a whole new set of characters who would go on to help shape the Rebellion as well as become some of the most iconic in Star Wars. This year at Dragon Con Matthew Rushing was joined by Henry Gilroy, Timothy Zahn, Bria LaVorgna and Tom Hutchens to discuss this final season and the impact of the series.


Side Character Arcs (00:02:32)
World Between Worlds (00:09:05)
Ahsoka Lives! (00:15:42)
Thrawn and Ezra (00:17:41)
Inquisitors? (00:19:02)
Wolves and Cats (00:21:43)
Maul's End (00:26:11)
Mister Veris Hydan (00:31:29)
Space Married (00:33:38)
Q & A (00:37:08)


Matthew Rushing


Henry Gilroy
Timothy Zahn
Bria LaVorgna
Tom Hutchens


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