The 602 Club S18: Gap for Villains / by Matthew Rushing

Supergirl/Flash Crossover.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes
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As soon as Supergirl was announced fans had many questions, would it be in the same universe with The Flash and Arrow and would it crossover with those shows were two of the biggest. The producers were open to the idea of a crossover which led the studios to finally giving their approval allowing Flash to visit National City for the first time.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by the World’s Finest Norman Lao to talk about the Supergirl/Flash crossover. We discuss crossing over, the Barry/Kara dynamic, light and dark, the tables turn, the blackboard moment, the villains, the superhero dynamic and the crossover impact.


Listener Idea (00:01:53)
Crossing Over (00:04:24)
Barry Kara Dynamic (00:09:22)
Light and Dark (00:19:45)
The Tables Turn (00:23:04)
The Blackboard Moment (00:26:34)
The Villains (00:29:17)
Superhero Dynamic (00:39:12)
Crossover Impact (00:43:39)


Matthew Rushing


Norman Lao


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