The 602 Club S12: Catwoman as a Bounty Hunter / by Matthew Rushing

Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon

Running Time: Running Time: 43 minutes 8 seconds
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In June of 2015 Vanity Fair gave Star Wars fans an exclusive first look at pictures from The Force Awakens by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, one of these pictures was a massive two page spread with many of the new aliens from a pirate stronghold known as Maz Kanata’s castle, as the books take fans on the Journey to The Force Awakens we get our first story about one of these mystery characters.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about The Perfect Weapon. We discuss the feel of the book, the story, a question, more of the story, if Kylo Ren makes a cameo, more about the characters and our ratings.


Journey to The Force Awakens (00:02:31)
The Feeling (00:03:48)
The Story (00:08:00)
A Question (00:17:53)
Back to the Story (00:20:58)
Was That Kylo Ren? (00:22:15)
More About the Characters (00:27:50)
Ratings (00:38:13)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills


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