The 602 Club 79: Moral Malaise / by Matthew Rushing

Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 7 minutes 17 seconds
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When Steve Rogers awoke from his long winter’s stay in the ice he found himself in completely different world, that had undergone massive changes, politically and morally, yet found that the world just might need a little “old fashioned” values to help save it. After the events of Avengers, Steve finds himself living the life of a soldier again, this time for S.H.E.I.L.D. and comes to find that unfortunately not everything is quite as it seems.

In this episode host Matthew Rushing is joined by Avenger Bethany Blanton to talk about Captain America: Winter Soldier. We discuss our favorite Marvel heroes, continuing Cap’s modern education, an insidious villain, becoming a leader. the Winter Soldier, tearing it all down, the film’s uniqueness, new characters and our ratings.


Favorite Marvel Heroes (00:03:46)
Continuing Cap’s Modern Education (00:08:59)
Insidious Villain (00:20:29)
Becoming the Leader (00:30:31)
The Winter Soldier (00:36:51)
Tearing it All Down (00:41:57)
A Unique Film (00:47:04)
New Characters (00:49:42)
Ratings (00:58:51)


Matthew Rushing


Bethany Blanton


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