The 602 Club 77: The Original Don Draper / by Matthew Rushing

Dr. No.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes 24 seconds
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In 1952 Ian Flemming informed his friend that he intended to write the spy novel to end all spy novels so that by 1962 there were already ten adventures of James Bond for producers Harry Salesman and Cubby Broccoli to choose from for the first film, in their hopes to kick off a Bond franchise.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by super spy John Champion to talk about Dr. No. We discuss the 60s spy genre, bringing Bond to the silver scree, the director, casting Bond, a wonderful cast of characters, Moneypenny, M, Dr. No, Felix Leiter, Honey Rider, setting up the formula and our ratings.


The 60s Spy Genre (00:04:16)
Bringing Bond to the Silver Screen (00:14:30)
The Director (00:18:38)
Casting Bond (00:23:40)
A Wonderful Cast of Characters (00:38:35)
MoneyPenny (00:43:36)
M (00:45:46)
Dr. No (00:47:51)
Felix Leiter (00:53:13)
Honey Rider (00:56:30)
Setting Up the Formula (01:02:29)
Ratings (01:15:19)


Matthew Rushing


John Champion


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