The 602 Club 34: Colossal Rex / by Matthew Rushing

The Lost World/Jurassic Park III.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes 8 seconds
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After the original Jurassic Park dominated 1993 to become that year’s highest grossing film it was inevitable that there would be sequels. It took 4 years for Steven Spielberg to return the dinosaurs to the screen in The Lost World and another 4 before Joe Johnston would fulfill his wish to direct Jurassic Park III.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills, Megan Calcote and Mike Schindler to talk about the Jurassic Park sequels. We jump right in with The Lost World, the ways it succeeds, getting lost in translation, Malcolm as the lead, if the third time is the charm, does anything work in III, dino droppings, wrapping up with final thoughts, rankings and ratings.


We’ve Back on the Island Again, at Least it’s a Different (00:02:18)
Ways it Succeeds (00:09:45)
Lost in Translation (00:21:03)
Malcolm as the Lead (00:36:49)
JPIII: Third Time the Charm? (00:43:01)
Does Anything Work? (00:46:30)
Dino Droppings (00:50:57)
Final Thoughts, Rankings and Ratings (01:04:37)
Closing (01:08:53)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills
Megan Calcote
Mike Schindler


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