The 602 Club 213: The Return of the King / by Matthew Rushing



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The character made his comic debut in 1941 and then during the Silver Age of DC Comics he became a founding member of the Justice League but in spite of these things, he's constantly been maligned and made fun of, now he's headlining his own film and the question is, "Can James Wan make the fish guy cool?".

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Bruce Gibson and Christy Morris to talk about Aquaman. We discuss our expectations, the world-building and effects, tone, the cast, villains, being unworthy, story, bridging two worlds, mercy, action, music and our ratings.


Expectations (00:02:50)
Building Atlantis (00:06:27)
The Effects Work (00:10:45)
Tone (00:17:54)
Jason Momoa (00:26:04)
Amber Heard (00:35:19)
The Love Story (00:38:51)
Patrick Wilson (00:44:11)
Stealing the Show (00:46:49)
Pulling Off Two Villains (00:49:52)
Vulko and Nereus (00:52:00)
Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison (00:54:19)
Being Unworthy (00:59:27)
The Story (01:01:57)
Bridging Two Worlds (01:06:48)
Mercy and Consequences (01:08:43)
Action Sequences (01:16:30)
Music (01:26:53)
Differentiating (01:31:38)
Ratings (01:34:24)


Matthew Rushing


Bruce Gibson
Christy Morris


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