The 602 Club 210: Santa Baby / by Matthew Rushing

The Christmas Chronicles.

Running Time: Running Time: 56 minutes 18 seconds
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Christopher Columbus has been responsible for some of the biggest family films, he helped set the tone and lay the foundation for the Harry Potter series as well as directed the Christmas classic Home Alone - now he's helped produce a new movie for Netflix for the holiday season.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Santa's helper, John Mills to talk about The Christmas Chronicles. We discuss the Santa factor, how good we can be, the kids, faith saves, coming to terms with sacrifice, earnestness, a couple of missteps, Santa's workshop, classic status and our ratings.


The Santa Factor (00:03:11)
How Good We Can Be (00:11:12)
The Kids (00:12:52)
Faith Saves (00:17:27)
Coming to Terms With Sacrifice (00:25:34)
Earnestness (00:28:40)
A Couple of Missteps (00:33:35)
Santa's Workshop (00:41:47)
Is it a Christmas Classic? (00:47:43)
Ratings (00:52:09)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills


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