The 602 Club 205: Attack of the Mouth Breather / by Matthew Rushing



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In 1978 John Carpenter released a low budget film that would become the benchmark to the horror genre for years to come as well as define the boogyman for an entire generation.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about Halloween. We discuss the first time, coming back, creating suspense, pure evil, different experiences, what works and what doesn't, horror and our ratings.


First Time (00:06:40)
Coming Back (00:11:37)
Creating Suspense (00:15:46)
Pure Evil (00:21:19)
Different Experiences (00:28:32)
What Works and What Doesn't (00:40:35)
Horror (00:45:29)
Ratings (00:52:38)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills


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