The 602 Club 195: Make That Change / by Matthew Rushing

Lost in Space.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 9 minutes 58 seconds
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The original Lost in Space aired 1965 through 1968 and introduced the world to the Robinsons and the phrase "Danger Will Robinson" became part of the cultural zeitgeist, after a failed movie attempt in 1998, it's fallen to Netflix to reimagine the series for streaming.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Brandon-Shea Mutala to talk about Lost in Space. We welcome a special guest at the beginning and discuss the show with them, then talk about family entertainment, the set up, Maureen and John, the kids, Don West, Parker Posey, reimagining, wherever you go, the production, format and our ratings.


A Special Guest (00:03:32)
Family Entertainment (00:15:23)
The Set Up (00:17:43)
Maureen and John (00:24:30)
The Kids (00:33:39)
Don West (00:40:40)
Parker Posey (00:44:53)
Reimagined (00:48:59)
Wherever You Go, There You Are (00:52:14)
The Production (00:56:12)
Format (00:59:31)
Ratings (01:01:17)


Matthew Rushing


Brandon-Shea Mutala


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