The 602 Club 193: Mission Impossible: The Golden Rule / by Matthew Rushing

Mission Impossible: Fallout.


Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 51 minutes 36 seconds
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In a world inundated by franchise films, many of them failing to live up to the hype or even their predecessors, it is truly rare that a sixth movie in a series could be a contender for the of best in the series. With this in mind, if someone had told you 22 years ago when the first Mission Impossible film was released that the sixth installment would still be staring Tom Cruise at the age of 56 and that it would be the best in the series, people would have laughed in your face. So is it the best?

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow IMF agents Brandi Jackola and Christy Morris to talk about Mission Impossible: Fallout. We talk about the mission history, using that history the new and returning characters, the needs of the one and the many, action, production and music, the future and give our ratings.


A Recommendation (00:03:15)
Mission History (00:06:44)
Using the History (00:15:15)
August Walker (00:25:38)
Erica Sloane (00:31:52)
Vanessa Kirby (00:35:40)
Tom Cruise (00:39:53)
Luthor and Benji (00:48:29)
Julia (00:53:53)
Rebecca Ferguson (00:56:13)
Solomon Lane (01:04:57)
Alec Baldwin (01:09:06)
The Needs of the One and the Many (01:12:55)
Action, Action, Action (01:22:36)
Production and Music (01:28:38)
The Future (01:36:44)
Ratings (01:43:02)


Matthew Rushing


Brandi Jackola
Christy Morris


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