The 602 Club 19: A Page-Turner of a Movie / by Matthew Rushing

The Rocketeer.

Running Time: 1 hour 13 minutes 56 seconds
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In 1982 a comic mini series came out that harkened back to the serial adventures from the 1930’s. Dave Steven’s Rocketeer became a classic for comic enthusiasts, with it’s fast pace, noir feel, lush artwork, and more adult themes. Then the Walt Disney company did what it does best, it took a property and remade it in their own image.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Darren Moser and Norman Lao to talk about The Rocketeer. We discuss the comic and whether the movie is an improvement, our first experiences with the film, Joe Johnson learning from the masters on how to direct a homage to the serial, the story, the cast, the music and whether or not it still holds up.


The Rocketeer (00:01:41)
A Quick Question (00:02:39)
Remembering Our First Experiences (00:06:59)
Joe Johnson Learned From the Masters (00:17:04)
The Story (00:24:08)
The Cast (00:43:36)
The Music (00:50:42)
Does it Still Hold Up? (00:58:06)
Closing (01:04:14)


Matthew Rushing


Darren Moser
Norman Lao


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