The 602 Club 171: The Dude in Cyberspace / by Matthew Rushing

Tron Legacy.

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In 1982, Tron dared to do something no other film had and combined computer animation and live action together and although it was not a massive success at the box office, in subsequent years it garnered a cult following to become something big enough to spur on a sequel.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills and Brandon-Shea Mutala to talk about Tron Legacy. We discuss 3D feelings, coming back to cult classics, appreciation and box office, Jeff Bridges, perfection, Sam and the cast, Dillinger vs Flynn, production design, music and our ratings.


3D Feelings (00:04:10)
Coming Back to a Cult Classic (00:08:41)
Appreciation (00:16:11)
Batting Numbers Around (00:19:58)
Jeff Bridges (00:24:11)
Perfection (00:36:41)
Sam (00:53:11)
The Cast (00:58:06)
Dillinger vs Flynn (01:01:23)
Production Design (01:07:05)
Music (01:16:28)
Ratings (01:21:16)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills
Brandon-Shea Mutala


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