The 602 Club 100: The Rudy Giuliani of Gotham / by Matthew Rushing

The Dark Knight.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes 6 seconds
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Christopher Nolan’s redefinition of comic book movies did not stop with Batman Begins, so when the studio asked him to continue the series, he, David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan began mining Batman comics such as The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke for inspiration and continue to elevate the genre.

In this 100th episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes John Mills and Tristan Riddell to talk about The Dark Knight. We discuss raising the stakes, contemporary themes, the truth, the joker, new Bat toys and our ratings.


Made it to 100 (00:02:23)
Raising the Stakes (00:06:17)
Escalation (00:16:48)
Contemporary Themes (00:21:36)
Rules Vs. No Rules (00:24:59)
All the Same (00:27:13)
The Empire Strikes Back of the Series (00:35:23)
The Truth (00:38:41)
The Way the World Works and Personal Responsibility (00:52:07)
The Joker (00:56:56)
A New Rachel (01:04:03)
New Bat Toys (01:05:33)
Talking Like Batman (01:17:54)
Ratings (01:20:24)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills
Tristan Riddell


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