The 602 Club 1: Man Tears / by Trek fm

Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII.

Running Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 50 seconds
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Welcome to the premiere episode of’s local geekery speakeasy, The 602 Club. This is where the crew gathers to talk about all of those non-Trek geek topics that Level 3 forcefields can no longer hold at bay. In this episode host Matthew Rushing and his guests John Mills, Mike Schindler, and Jaime Sanchez dive into the new Disney Star Wars Universe. Together they discuss Episode VII, the first time they heard the news about the new trilogy, the rumors, and setting expectations. From there they dive into the new Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels, talking about first impressions, things that worked and didn’t, along with hopes for the future of the show.


Star Wars Episode VII (1:37)
J.J. Meets Star Wars (11:00)
Star Wars VII Wishes and Rumors (21:12)
Star Wars Rebels (30:41)
The Music of Rebels (56:39)
Too Much Nostalgia? (59:58)
Shared Continuity (1:02:21)
Closing (1:08:58)


Matthew Rushing


John Mills
Mike Schindler
Jaime Sanchez


Matthew Rushing (Editor and Producer) Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Charlene Schmidt (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager) Ken Tripp (Associate Producer) Davis Grayson (Associate Producer)